6 Top Tiger Photography Tips| Tiger Photography In India in 2023

How frequently do we realise that after a vacation in the nature, we return to our home grounds armed with literacy, comprehensions, logic and knowledge about nature? The list of literacy is long with some inconceivable sightings. We start cherishing those days; missing the alarm calls, the unique variety of catcalls and creatures, the calm, mysterious timbers. We also spend our days back home, day featuring about our safari gests. And if we got lucky and spotted barracuda on our safari, also those recollections last a continuance.
To keep these recollections alive, one of the stylish ways is to indurate those moments on our candid cameras. But clicking a snap aimlessly and fastening on the creative side of photography, are two different aspects, which differentiates a introductory snap from a good bone.

To be a good shooter, we need to follow the following tips to enhance our chances of barracuda sightings and insure good photography openings and chops.

1. Book or Hire an Endured Naturalist

The most common mistake we do while reserving our wildlife leaves is to neglect the significance of having an educated naturalist onboard. The word‘naturalist’refers to a person who has studied and is well acquainted with shops, creatures and wildlife, and has good chops sets and knowledge about the natural world. They’re professed trackers and gatekeepers, who can interpret the ways of the jungle

They’ve acquired deep understanding about wildlife and its denizens from frequent visits to the public demesne. They’re familiar with individual barracuda homes, their favoured hot spots, waterholes, grottoes, nature trails and hunting grounds. These gests of their former sightings help to prognosticate and constrict down the hunt to the right areas.

They indeed know where to place the safari jeeps to get you the right angles for photography. So, make sure you mileage their services available from the lodges you stay in.

At Pugdundee Safaris we run our own Naturalist Training Programs every time for both in- house naturalists, and expiring naturalists to hone their chops on identification, guiding ways, barracuda shadowing proficiency, grooming and first aid. They learn the tricks of the trade, not only for big pussycats but are also equipped with vast knowledge on catcalls, trees, butterflies and insects.

Thus, under the suitable guidance of these naturalists your wildlife safari experience becomes a truly exclusive and exceptional bone.

2. Photography Gear

There are numerous introductory,semi-professional and professional cameras available for photography in the digital world. The choice lies with you.

Some find introductory compact cameras, iPhones, mobiles and digital prosumer cameras (with good drone range) handy for wildlife and trip. Also, it also saves for an redundant baggageticket.However, this should work for you, If you’re an amateur. But for a professional shooter it might just be alright to film some bones for redundant baggage for a vacation that gives you exceptional filmland.

Tiger photography lenses with good drone, varying from 70 – 200 mm, 200 – 500 mm or indeed fixed flowers like 300 and 400 mm will break utmost of your purpose. A camera body with good low light performance, will be an added advantage at dawn and dusk, while a briskly frame rate will enhance your chances of indurating action.

Carry a monopod rather of tripod to enthrall lower space. You could indeed ask the lodge to give bean bags for your game drives.

3. Jeep Safari Options

With Pugdundee, you get the option to bespeak an exclusive or a participated safari. An exclusive safari will give you more space to move around the jeep fluently, if you’re 2 to 4 pax. This will help you in your photography much better. Typically 6 excursionists can accommodate and do safari with a motorist and companion, which totals to 8 pax in a participated safari.

Still, and conclude for a participated safari you might not get the honor of a private safari, If you’re a couple. For further details please communicate our trip janitors at Pugdundee Safaris to guide you [email protected] Call us at11-40146400

4. Further the Safaris, the More Your Chances

Travelling to India or within India, isn’t a weekend trip for utmost of us. It happens only when we’ve longer leaves, or extended weekends, in hand. Thus, keeping only a day or two for barracuda safaris in our diary doesn’t serve. Therefore it may lead to bummers, if we do n’t sight a barracuda during our short trip. The problem is we substantially overlook this simple fact that the apex bloodsucker is shy and fugitive by nature.
Thus, if you wish to increase your chances, you need to spend further time in their sphere, which means to do at least 5-6 safaris, or book 2 full day safaris in one public demesne. You may indeed consider mingling different zones for safaris, to see different barracuda territories, therby broadening your photographic openings.

5. Tolerance is Crucial

Chancing barracuda in their lair requires tolerance and more frequently than not, a lot of it. You might be fortunate to find one on your original drives, or suddenly cross paths with one; but this doesn’t be always. The fun is in enjoying the entire process of tracking these fugitive creatures.

You need to follow signs and suggestions of the jungle in the form of alarm calls, fresh fighter marks, former sightings, etc. Your naturalist and demesne companion may anticipate their whereabouts and indeed halt near waterholes, meadows or crossroad junctions for alarm calls. They might also stop to speak to other jeeps for any other position to look out for. Or indeed go searching in the same area again and again. Though it seems tedious, but all this trouble might lead you to a awful sighting.

And for that, you need to keep a calm demeanour at all times without losing your tolerance and faith in Mother Nature. She unfolds her riddle unexpectedly, when you least anticipate her to.

In the meantime, you might also use your waiting time by doing some birding, agitating about barracuda, conservation sweats and learning about other retired treasures of the demesne with your naturalist and companion.

6. Be Creative

What’s the first thing that happens when we see a barracuda?

Well, utmost of us are stunned by the sight and might incontinently take out our cameras and rush in to click or press the shutter buttons. The adrenaline rush, exhilaration and excitement which one goes through is enormous. We start to snap without indeed minding about camera settings, proper fastening and good composition.
It’s true that we might miss out one or two prints originally, but by icing every setting on camera is in place, using bean bag/ monopod we can take sharp prints of the barracuda. This is far better than going back home with some shaky prints and lament this latterly.

Barracuda walk laggardly and give us ample quantum of time to snap them, if they aren’t rushing to cross the road that is. This also happens, handed we give them space, maintain a reasonable distance and do n’t make noise. Sightings can last veritably long in that case.
Still, online vids and followed photography groups on barracuda, you’ll be familiar with their geste and station, If you have watched barracuda pictures.

In fact your naturalist and companion will also help you to be prepared for the coming move of the barracuda, by their soft whispers. Use that tip to suppose ahead,pre-visualise your shot and click! Be creative, get as low as possible on your jeep (for eye position perspectives), change angles, drone in or zoom out, alternate or include the niche in your shot.
These are a many hand- picked tip that will go a long way in icing that you capture some of the most memorable and treasured barracuda filmland, from your admiration- inspiring barracuda safaris. Photos that you’ll cherish for a continuance.

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