How To Add Music To A Video For Free

Video is essential for teaching, training, sharing knowledge, and explaining concepts. No matter who your audience is, video helps them learn better.

While you can record a video and merge photos to create a video on your iPhone, if you want to add music to it, you will need to use a video editing app that’s convenient for quick edits that you can make on the go and don’t have to wait to get home and edit them.

In this article, I will show you how you can add voice-overs, sound effects, and background music using any of these different apps listed below:

  1. Filmr
  2. Clips
  3. Photos

Different Apps To Add Music To Your Videos

1. Adding music to videos with Film on iPhone

The film is the only watermark-free video-editing app with over 20 million songs to choose from in its extensive music library. Add background music to your video clip on Film with these super easy steps:

Step 1: Download the free Film app on your phone

Step 2: Tap on the camera roll

Step 3: Import the video you want to add music to

Step 4: Once imported, tap the music icon next to the video on the top-left.

Step 5: Click on tap to add music

Step 6: Choose music to go to the music library or click on files to pick music from your existing files.

Step 7: If you’re in the music library, tap on an audio track to listen to it and if it works for you, add it to your video.

Step 8: The green layer below your clip is your audio file. You can change the duration of the music by simply trimming it.

Step 9: Add sound variety with more songs or effects with a second audio clip. Follow the same process as above. Toggle between the song clips to change positions. You can even adjust the exact duration to suit the video.

Step 10: If you have a subscription to Epidemic sound, you can add their inbuilt collection of music tracks to your Film timeline. You can access these via mood to go with your video.

Step 11: If you want to add a voice-over just hover over the top icons next to music and video. Click on voice-over and press the record button to record.

Step 12: Once ready, go ahead and directly share your video to any of the social media platforms or save it to the gallery.

Quick and easy right? Download Film now and get started for free.

2. Use Clips To Add Music To Your iPhone Videos:

Another free app you can use on your iPhone to edit videos and add music to them is Clips. You can use Clips to record a video right away or edit an existing clip from your camera roll or library. The app is simple to get the hang of if your only goal is to add background music to your video for fun.

If you have something more serious cooking, like making a music video, a highlight video, or a time-lapse video, Clips may not be the best choice.

Here is how you can add audio files to your video using Apple’s Clips

  1. Open the Clips app from your phone’s home screen
  2. Click on the (+) icon to create a new project
  3. Pick Library to import the video you want to add music to
  4. Tap the music icon in the upper left corner of your screen
  5. Choose My Musicor Soundtracks
  6. Pick the audio file you want to add to your video
  7. Tap the go back arrow in the top left corner
  8. Preview your video with the music you added
  9. Select Done when you are satisfied

You can always change the track you added to your clip by repeating the first three steps and either tapping None or selecting another audio file.

Apple has some neat choices when it comes to the music it offers in the Soundtracks section. The tracks are categorized by genres and moods, and include:

  • Pop
  • Playful
  • Chill
  • Sentimental
  • Retro
  • Action
  • Holidays & Events

One major drawback of the Clips app is that you cannot adjust the audio file you have added to your video. The soundtrack will be cut automatically to fit the duration of the clip. If you want to select a specific part of the track to include in your video, you will have to edit the music file separately.

3. Can I Add Music To My iPhone Videos With the Photos App?

Although it’s probably never occurred to you, you can add music to your videos using the good old Photos app on your iPhone. The trick is to do it using the app’s Memories feature.

The app makes Memories collections based on the places where you’ve taken the photos and clips or the time at which you’ve taken them. The Photos app can even create categories for the people and animals that appeared in the footage. For example, Photos can create the following Memories for you:

  • Year in Review—a collection of pictures and videos taken in one calendar year
  • Four-Legged Friends—footage of your pet
  • Lancaster—anything you have shot while in Lancaster

The titles above are just examples. The app can generate different titles for the Memories collections.

While you can change or add the title, music, title image, and other media to an existing Memory clip, you can also make a Memory of your own. Unlike an editing app, this can be a little tedious if you only want to add music to a video, but we’ve listed the steps you need to follow below.

To add music to an existing Memory

  1. Go to the Photos app on your home screen
  2. Tap For You
  3. Pick the Memory you want to add music to
  4. Change the custom tune by replacing it with other options from Apple’s library (or tap Edit to add your own music)
  5. Select Music if you selected the Edit feature
  6. Scroll down to tap Your Library
  7. Select the plus (+) icon next to the song you want to add
  8. Tap the go back arrow
  9. Select Done when you’re satisfied

Depending on your iPhone version, the Photos app will let you pick from the following genres:

  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Dance
  • Pop
  • Electronic

To create your own Memory in the Photos app and add music to it:

  1. Select the Albums option or the Months or Days option in the Photos app
  2. Select the album you want to make a Memory of
  3. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner
  4. Choose Play Memory Movie
  5. Tap Edit to add music to your Memory clip

The Photos app has many features that may get confusing, not making it the best choice for making edits, especially if you only want to only add music to your clip.

To Sum Up

I hope this article helped you out to add music to your videos through different apps. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating stunning videos for your website and social media right away!


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