How to Be a More Musician 10 Tips For Newcomers & Pros

Still, also you need to put in the time and trouble it takes to play like a professional, If you want to establish a career as a musician.
It’s ok to make miscalculations during the jotting and recording process, but when it comes to playing live, you need to make sure your musicianship and stage presence is on point every time.

Whether you ’ve been playing your chosen instrument for times, or you ’re just getting started, no bone is perfect and everyone can ameliorate. So if you ’re hoping to take that coming step towards playing like a pro, or looking for new ways to hone your chops, then are our tips to help you come a better musician.

10 Tips on How to Come a More Musician

Practice ways

This may feel like an egregious one, but the point we want to make is that simply playing your instrument is inescapably not the same as rehearsing.
When a professional musician practices their instrument, they go through scales (or rudiments) constantly, working hard to ameliorate their fashion. Set yourself a devoted practice or warm-up governance for each day to burn those scales into your memory.

Not only should you exercise scales and exercises to maintain your capacities, but you should also challenge yourself to master commodity new as frequently as possible.
Set yourself pretensions
Set yourself realistic targets at every occasion and work towards them, whether that’s learning a certain scale by heart during one practice, or learning a full song by the end of the week.

These might be short term pretensions similar as rehearsing for 60 mins each day or learning a new piece. Or it could be further of a long term thing like putting on a full performance.

By negotiating set pretensions, you ’ll enjoy a lesser sense of achievement as your chops begin to develop, and approach each practice session with a more productive station.


Maybe the most important quality in a musician looking to perfect their instrument is tolerance, especially if you ’re just starting out. No bone becomes a virtuoso overnight, so if you hit a wall, do n’t worry, just keep going until you get it right. It takes a lot of time and trouble to be a truly great musician.

Keep it delightful

While it’s important to work on your scales and other ( more boring) ways- do not forget to keep your practice sessions fun! Learn your favourite songs and work on new material around your further regimented exercises to make sure you feel fresh and enthusiastic about your instrument. The worst thing for a musician is when playing becomes a chore, rather than an pleasurable experience.

Organise a jam session

Whether you ’re aiming to set up a new band, or just enjoy a friendly jam with musketeers, playing in a group can help to not only ameliorate your fashion but also your timing and extemporary chops.
Playing with other people can expose you to new ideas and styles, and is a great way to admit honest feedback on your playing style.

Know what key you ’re in

Following on from the last point, if you ’re planning on jamming with other musicians, it’s important to be suitable to identify which key you ’re playing in at any given time, and acclimatize your approach consequently – unless you ’re the drummer of course!

As the more educated musicians among you’ll know, each musical scale focuses around a specific key. So, the further scales you know, the better you ’ll be at staying in key, clapping on a track, and making sure you sound great playing alongside other musicians.

Find a schoolteacher

Taking Assignments is one of the most effective ways to come a better musician, no matter what your skill position. There’s always commodity new to learn, and a professional tutor can help you develop new ways and ameliorate old bones.

Still, paying for assignments is n’t inescapably for everyone and there are plenitude of tone- tutored musicians outthere.However, you could always ask a musician friend to help develop your musicianship or watch and learn from one of the thousands of YouTube vids out there covering your chosen instrument, If you ’re strapped for cash.

Get to know your gear

A professional musician should have a thorough understanding of their outfit as well as their fashion. You ca n’t produce a great sound if you do n’t know the capabilities and limitations of your gear.

Still, you do n’t want to be an‘all the gear, no idea’guy.However, there’s no point splashing thousands of pounds/ bones on a top of the range bit of tackle, when you can get the same results from an affordable one, If you ’re new to your instruments.

Look for coffers online

They’re plenitude of free coffers out there for musicians looking to ameliorate their chops and learn new songs. Websites offer access to thousands of tablatures, passion maps and distancemusic.However, there is nothing to stop you searching for the passions, tabs and memorandum online.

Move out of your comfort zone as frequently as possible

It’s frequently tempting to stick with what you know, but as a musician, you should try to leave your comfort zone as frequently as possible, discover new ways to play and constantly challenge yourself. Yes, it can be frustrating, and yes it will be hard work, but the prices learning commodity brand new are worth it. In a time’s time, you will look back with pride to see how far you’ve come!

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