It should n’t be that hard to take a good selfie. But we all know that feeling too well you feel all hot and confident and snap a selfie, eager to shoot it off to last night’s sexy Tinder date, and surprise — your camera has suddenly come cold and revengeful and refuses to capture you the way you actually look.

13 Must- See Selfie Tips

We’ve collected the 13 commandments for how to take an stupendous selfie. But before you read onward, feel free to check out our videotape tutorial, complete with hands-on selfie action illustrations

1. Cock Commodity

Angle your phone slightly over, down or to the side or keep your completely phone still and cock your head slightly. You can also try tipping both your phone and your head, in which case you ’ll look rather silly for a many seconds until you nail down your own winning quintet of phone head cock. Whatever you do, taking a selfie straight on is presumably not going to affect in your stylish shot and it has nothing to do with your beautiful face. Trust me on this.

Suppose about it. Way back in the day before camera phones were born, when Ben and Jen were Hollywood’s power couple, we took pictures with‘ real’cameras from lengths down.

Moment, when you take a selfie, you ’re just an arm’s length (literally, your arm’s factual length) down from the camera. When you ’re super close to any object (in this case, your face), you see the object important else than when you ’re further down.

Like, if you see someone running off in the distance they look, well, bitsy. Now if you were grounding your compliances rigorously on what you see, you might be sure there’s a cat-sized man some distance down from you. But since your brain has erected up experience you know that the runner is in fact a full size mortal and in fact, not a cat.

Not induced? There’s also the fact that the spherical shape of a camera lens can make whatever’s in the middle — generally our nose — appear flatter or wider. Yep, I just said your nose might look bigger. Andddd, that should be enough substantiation to make sure you cock when setting up for a selfie. Let’s move on.

2. Selfie Eyes Matter

We ’re drawn to the eyes of any print we see. Indeed though a lot of communication happens via dispatch and iMessage moment, we ’re not robots. We ’re still searching for that mortal connection in someone’s eyes.

So, the point is to take a compelling selfie, concentrate your eyes on the camera. Directly at the camera, not the phone area ingeneral.However, now you need to indurate, concentrate, If you followed my advice over and wriggled your head and your phone around to find the perfect selfie angle.

Still, mysterious iPhone attached to your hand, do a many tests to learn where your eyes actually meet the camera, If you ’re like my mama and have yet to understand exactly where the camera is buried in that satiny.

When taking a selfie, I’ve musketeers who pretend they’re about to betray the lens with their eyes. Others try to imagine the moment right before they’re about to laugh. In both cases, these musketeers of mine are trying to soften their eyes and put some mortal emotion in their expression.

3. Yep, Lighting Matters Too

Whether you ’re selfie-ing indoors or outdoors, stay down from harsh lighting, like bright white kitchen lights or direct sun. That said, make sure there’s enough light – else your prints can come out vague and no quantum of print editing latterly is going to be suitable fix that.

Now, the stylish time of day to take prints outdoors is when the sun is lower in the sky, before daylight and right after evening. That’s just some essential photography basics for you to bite on right there I know that no matter how hung up you’re on taking a good selfie, you ’re .

5. Hide From The Murk

You ’re looking for the right lighting, but you ’ll want to avoid murk, too. Indeed if you ’ve plant the perfect golden hour to snap a selfie if the shadow of a pole or window hangouts cuts across your face, it ai n’t cute.

Avoid out- putting murk by snapping snaps in theshade.However, hide out under a shady tree to capture your dewy-eyedpost-workout gleam, If you ’re taking apost-run selfie and the sun is causing shadow problems.

Still, angle yourself so the sun is at your reverse, If that’s not realizable. That prevents murk and also means you are n’t squinting at the camera from the bedazzling sun. Oh, and for those of you who aresuper-extra you can try a sun diffuser or glass to manage the murk.

6. Smile Normal

Remember abecedarian academy picture day? There was always one sprat who just could n’t face the camera with a natural smile. Cue a yearbook print that haunts everyone’s dreams.

It’s by no means easy learning a natural smile for the camera. Unnatural grins are robotic, stiff, not authentic, and occasionally well, creepy. Since this is n’t intuitive for everybody, you may have to exercise.

Take a ton of selfies and practice until you find your most natural, photogenic smile bag your lips in different ways, open your mouth half, turn up the corners of your lips slightly, smile wide with all your teeth, try a close-lipped smile. Which smile feels the most “ you?” Which smile can you nail without looking?

7. Pump Up The Background

Auto selfie. Your blank, white bedroom wall. The glass of your apartment structure lobby. Been there, done that, so. numerous. times. You do n’t need to have a full-on fashion runway in the background, but your background should be intriguing.

Whether you ’re selfie-ing at the demesne, your home, or indeed the grocery store, try to do it against an intriguing background. A display of apples at the store can look stupendous with the rightangle.However, there are other options, If you ’re not feeling creative in the moment. Facetune2’s Background tool allows you to change the background of any print. Replace your boring background with any of the patterned, sparkly or solid-multicolored options within the app, or choose your own print.

That’s right! You can be in your restroom, but look like you ’re at the sand you visited last weekend.

7. Be Confident

You do n’t need to have the crazy confidence of a overgrown man in a fedora, but a good selfie projects an air of confidence. Use body language and a tone that exudes your inner strength.

Get pumped before your selfie sesh. Perhaps that means

  • Doing 10 jumping jacks before your selfie. As long as it wo n’t ruin your hair, of course.
    Saying declarations in the glass. Is it a little weird? Yeah, but it kinda works. Try saying, “ I ’m important and intrepid – and I still can make miscalculations,” or commodity like that. Say it enough that you start to believe it.
  • Standing in a power disguise. Stand in front of the glass with your hands on your hips or folded in front of you. Puff out your casket a little and lift your chin. Stand there for a many twinkles to feel like a total superhero badass.

Confidence is commodity you cultivate and work on, so if you are n’t feeling confident right now, make yourself confident.

8. A Flash Decision

Got flash on? Occasionally it’s a blessing for your selfies, and other times, it’s a freakin’ agony.

Flash is ignominious for turning people’s eyes red and washing out your skin. Principally, it makes you look like a demon generate from hell. Unless it’s Halloween, that’s not a cute look.
Flash adds a burst of light to subjects that desperately need it. It’s stylish to use it when you ’re outside, in a dark area, or if there are a lot of murk.

Still, try a different angle, If you ’re still looking held when you use flash. You can also try using two flashes the first dilates your eyes (and prevents red- eye) and the alternate bone is for reals.

9. Know Your Good Side

You ’ve formerly tried tipping your camera every-which- way, but what about your factual disguise?

People frequently have a‘ good side’– a side of their face they prefer. Which bone is yours? Perhaps the right side of your face has further dots that allude at your gamesome personality. Or perhaps you detest your right side because the bump on your nose from falling off a skateboard in high academy is more apparent.

Choose your good side and try to selfie from that angle. It ’ll save you time and retakes – if you ’re generally happier with a certain side of your face in the glass, you ’ll also be more happy with it in prints. Do what makes you feel good.

10. Get Inspired

Selfies are hard! Your followers anticipate to see commodity instigative and different — how do you keep upping the figure?

You need to feelinspired.However, a cure of notoriety selfies is just what the croaker ordered, If you ’re feeling creativelystunted.However, now’s the time, If you do n’t follow some of the Kardashians on Instagram just yet. Take alleviation from the feeds of further original influencers you respect as well.

What are they wearing? What does the caption say? Where is the notoriety? How’s their makeup? What angles or lighting are they using? A little canvass (and mimicking) will help you learn how to take good selfies in no time.

11. Try Portrayal Mode

How do you take a good selfie with nothing but an iPhone? Fortunately for you, the iPhone comes complete with a fancy portrayal-specific point that make glamorous selfies a breath.

Portrayal mode focuses on the person in the print, and defocuses the background – creating a professional look with minimum trouble. You can choose from colorful options, like Natural, Studio, or Contour which add different kinds of light or drama, some indeed compliment with a touch of skin smoothing. Switch effects up and see how your selfie comes out in Portrayal mode.

12. Facetune Is Your Selfie’s BFF

Oh, you knew this bone was coming. There’s a reason Facetune and Facetune2 have been at the top of the maps on the App Store since the brand surfaced in 2013, and now there’s indeed a Facetune Video app, for selfie vids. It does n’t make you weak, it does n’t make you unattractive. It makes you a master selfie taker. Taking a good selfie becomes easier than ever. Let’s talk about why.

With a selfie editor app, you simply get better selfies. You can swipe down a papule because your skin has waged war on you this week. You can conceal your dark circles because you caroused on Netflix until 4 am. With Facetune2, you can use the Reshape tool to acclimate your features, if you ignored my advice about tilting and came out with a jawline or a nose wider than space. Let’s face it, prints live on IG way longer than mars live on your face, so I choose to just swipe them down.

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