What Are Music Publishing Agreements?

Any time you are working professionally in the music industry, having the right legal assistance is a key factor in finding success financially and when trying to expand your career. Whether you are planning to record and produce music or if you want to share and sell your own records, hiring an entertainment lawyer is highly recommended to keep yourself legally protected and informed at all times.

Working together with an attorney who specializes in the entertainment or music industry will give you an advantage when you are making deals or signing agreements and contracts. Because producing and selling music often involves record labels and third parties, a lawyer who is working for you can assist you with handling any music publishing agreement you are required to sign.

What are Music Publishing Agreements?

These agreements vary depending on whether you are producing the music and creating it yourself or if you are planning to distribute music for another artist you are assisting. Music publishing agreements cover the foundation of the rights to the music being created as well as the details of profits and how they are split between all parties and individuals involved.

When you are working on developing a music publishing agreement, it is important to keep in mind who owns the copyright to the music and which works are being covered or copyrighted with the music publishing contract or agreement in question. It is also important to establish who has the rights to the property and the music itself. Understanding who is able to collect money, royalties and who has the power to issue licensing for the music is another factor to consider when creating a music publishing agreement.

Handling royalty splits, fees, costs and advances for the music that is being produced and sold should also be covered in any music publishing agreement to rid any possibility of a legal dispute in the future. The agreement should be comprehensible and understood by all parties who are involved with the rights of the music and the ability to earn revenue from the sale and distribution of the music themselves. Music publishing agreements may also include co-publishing contracts, purchasing agreements or may simply represent a single song agreement depending on the purpose of the contract and what has been decided between all of those involved.

Are Music Publishing Agreements Necessary?

In many cases, these agreements are entirely necessary to keep you and the rights you have to any music you produce or sell legally protected. When you do not have a music publishing agreement in place, you may lose the rights to your music or find it being sold without your permission at a price you do not agree with personally.

If you are unsure about the type of music publish agreements you should ensure you have, working together with an attorney will help to assist you through the process. Using a music publishing agreement is ideal whether you are the artist yourself or if you are seeking a way to protect your rights to earn royalties from the music you have produced or distributed professionally for the artist themselves.

Why Hiring an Entertainment Lawyer is Beneficial

Hiring an entertainment attorney is beneficial if you do not have experience when working in the music or entertainment industry yourself. Entertainment lawyers specialize in understanding music publishing agreements and contracts between labels and recording studios as well as the musicians and artists themselves.

How to Find the Right Lawyer for You

Once you have determined that hiring an entertainment attorney is the best option for you, it is possible to begin searching for the ideal lawyer with the use of local referrals and resources as well as by conducting a search of your own online. Browsing for an attorney who specializes in music publishing agreements or contracts online is a way to find a lawyer who is prepared to take on your case. You can also read real testimonials from past clients who have utilized the services you are interested in to protect yourself.

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